Agamotto Changelog

1.5.0 - 08/03/21

Agamotto is Now FREE on the Asset Store (and Open Source)
  • The studio is currently full focused on a new game development. Therefore Agamotto won't receive new evolutions. As we didn't get enough user feedbacks to judge the tool maturity and usability, we stop charging it. Only critical corrections will be made. If you bought the asset, feel free to ask for a refund.
  • You can access the source repository :

1.4.0 - 04/01/21

  • Onion Skin Visualizer : New Visualizer reproducing the Onion Skin concept in animation (you can visualize few frames before and after the current frame)
  • Demos updated : to use the new OnionSkinVisualizer

1.3.0 - 27/11/20

  • Animator : Now record and simulate transitions between states (testable in updated CustomTimeAgent Demo)
  • Animator : Corrected layer weight persistence during record and simulation

1.2.0 - 13/11/20

  • WARNING Impacting change : Parse children option for TimeAgents list initialization has been moved from the TimeStone to the TimeAgent.
    This is to have a better control over the initialization.
    If you were using this option, you have to check it on your TimeAgent.
  • TimeAgent : Added the option to use local position and rotation
  • CustomTimeAgent demo : updated to demonstrate new changes
  • TimeAgent correction : removed cached reference to transform (source of bugs)

1.1.0 - 03/11/20

  • Correction of a possible nullPointer in TimeStone.SetupsimulationTimeAgent
  • Made TimeAgent.Awake public and virtual to allow override
  • Correction of TimeStoneUtils.FindObjectOfTypeWithoutSimulationAgents and TimeStoneUtils.FindObjectsOfTypeWithoutSimulationAgents
  • Clones instantiated by TimeStone are now suffixed by (Simulation Clone)
  • TowerDefenseDemo : modification of simulation fields initializations, now made in Start method instead of Awake to avoid possible problems. Explanation in documentation, see TimeAgent Initialization for simulation box.

1.0.0 - 21/10/2020



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